We live in an age of unparalleled decay.

In the modern era, the majority of men in developed countries live in a world that has conquered death. Life has never been easier. With our electric lights and polyester outlook, most of us sit buckled safely in the back seat on the road to a future as mediocre as it is certain. We can do practically anything, yet many of us do nothing. Men gaze upon stained glass windows, awestruck by St. George in his armour. They look for inspiration in Sigurd with his lance, in Sitting Bull on the battlefield, in Saladin on his horse. Reading about Aragorn and Odysseus, reclining on plush sofas in absolute safety, they smirk ignorantly and think “he’s just like me.” The majority will not stop to think about the qualities that make these characters noteworthy, distinguished, enviable, or worthy of imitation. Even fewer will consider their own situations objectively, look inwards and think

“What must I do in order to be that way?”

This site was made for the men who will it so.