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Through Chaos

My name is Stroke of Moonlight. I am a self taught artist from Canada. My artwork focuses on the idea that we can only find transcendence through Chaos. This is not a Nihilistic idea as I do not believe that there is any transcendence IN Chaos. To dwell in the darkness is to succumb to it. What I suggest is using Chaos as a tool to become stronger. For example weightlifters use the chaos of the iron to damage their bodies in a controlled way. When the body heals the muscles grow back stronger than before the chaos was introduced. Art, weight training, discipline, occult magic they are all branches of the same tree. To seek chaos in this way is akin to those who once searched for the Philosopher’s Stone. Lead to gold, pain to fire, emptiness to creation. It’s all the same.  

My work is also heavily influenced by Northern Mythology. This is my way of honoring my ancestors, and like Odin, Vili, and Ve I find an ecstatic rush of lust, quickly followed by a sense of dread at the chance of creating a new order everytime I put paint to brush.

Chaos is the most potent form of ultimate creative potential and like Ymir (The Roarer) I bellow into the void and create a new world on paper, computer, 3d space ect…

The Magician is the artist. He who can create, manipulate, or distort realities of not only their own realities but also the realities of those around them and those who view their work. The magician can lead the world into insanity or he can shift the realities of those around him, including his own, into enlightenment. The Shamans and the Warriors have the highest burden. This burden being of leading their chosen tribe to either grandeur or destruction.

The magician who wishes to channel this Chaotic energy can do so with the use of three runes. Thurisaz, Kenaz, and Isa.

:Thurisaz: Allows the Magician to invoke Chaos. (The most potent form of ultimate creative potential)

:Kenaz: Allows the Magician to manifest the Sacred Flame of Creation to illuminate the vast darkness of Chaos (The Flame of  Loki / Prometheus)

:Isa: Allows the Magician to manifest the freezing mists of Niflheim to slow their thoughts and allows them to travel to other worlds through the thick mists. (The Ultimate Unknown parallels with the Daring Explorer)

Together they form Ginnungagap, Loki, and Gullveig / Hel.

“Art is the cure to the sickness of the modern world. The Creators / Artists must take up the role of the Prometheus archetype. They must bring the Flame to man. Both nurturing and destructive. The weak will not be able to stand the light as it will bring to light everything they hate or are running from.”

I am happy to announce that my youtube channel The Black Flame Society is now live. In these videos I will show some of the behind the scenes of my creation process along with lore and explanations on the stories that have been passed verbally for centuries. Most of these stories have almost passed into the void and are diluted in some aspects. It is important to make sure these stories remain for generations to come. It would be an insult for those who are now gone to not keep their legacy intact. Death will only truly come when no one remains to remember your name.

“Step into Stroke of Moonlights realm and see past the illusion of the personal superficial mundane world and enter into the supernatural mystical realm of art.”

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