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Osi And The Jupiter interview


Halithaz welcomes you, Sean. I’d like to start by asking you a little

bit about the bind rune that you have chosen for the project, and

perhaps giving an explanation as to how the project came about.



OATJ was formed in 2015, by myself as a spiritual folk project.

Song context is about nature, forging your own spiritual path, and

what dwells beyond. I named the project after my two German

Shepherds, Osiris and Jupiter. We have a full-length that will be released this year,

as well as a cover EP that is full of cover songs from artists we enjoy.

I actually just started writing for what comes after.

The bindrune consists of Algiz, Othala, Tiwaz, Ansuz, Gebo, Raido, and

Fehu. Bind is supposed to represent my spiritual path with this

project, life and death mysteries among nature, and the growth of

knowledge among the presence of ancestors and gods.

Creation of the bind was a month long meditation process.

I meditated on all the runes, wrote down what stood out, and what

meaning I intended for use. Something that stood for my spiritual



You have mentioned in previous interviews that you have always

seen your musical path as being synonymous with your spiritual

path. In what ways have such mediums as runeworking or

meditation helped with the creation of melodies, songs, albums or

even concepts?


Like the above creation of our bindrune, I do meditate on runes

depending on my intuition at the time. Also, everyone has their own

ways of doing some things, I do what works for me, others can do

what works for them. Meditation definitely helps with my day to

day life, especially when I’m having a tough time.

So, my second and third full length albums “Uthuling Hyl “ and

“Nordlige Rúnaskog “ are meditative concept albums that I did very

in depth inner workings on. Most of the song titles are in mixed

Icelandic/Norwegian/Gaelic/Slavic/Indian/and Germanic. I dwelled

on the feeling of the songs and their intention. Like Uthuling Hyl

means “Hollowed Howl” to me, as well as Nordlige Rúnaskog

means “Northern Rune Forest “. Both albums are supposed to be

cryptic like a goetia and have more deep cosmic meaning of my

ongoing spiritual path and inner workings.


One rune I have always found to be truly important to the work of

artists is Ansuz. Could you perhaps give us a little interpretation of

this rune from your own understanding of it, and how it fits into

your life?


Communication with ancestors/ other planes of existence, and

nature in its most primeval state. Inner void workings.

Ansuz is a very important rune for communication, inner self

workings, and tapping into the vast cosmic planes.


Exciting news has reached us that you will be heard on this next

series of the popular TV show Vikings! How did that come about?


Eisenwald and I have been working on getting my music in TV and

movies, and companies took interest, so there are even more

appearances in the near future. So keep you eye out.


Oftentimes it becomes apparent to many songwriters, or artists of

any medium, that they might take for granted the power of

inspiration, or the feeling of deep and overwhelming awe. Do you

believe yourself to be the true creator of these songs, or do you

perhaps see yourself more as a translator for something that our

human senses cannot fully comprehend?


Depends on the state I was in when in when writing the song(s).

Sometimes something sparks awe, the goosebumps quiver down

your body and gives you that sense of enlightenment during writing,

sometimes it’s a process of a feeling of that song.


History, and Germanic tradition, is no doubt deeply important to

the roots of this new wave of music. Yet I get the feeling that you

take history with a grain of salt, and try to better understand the

riddles and mysteries of comparative mythology within your music.

Would you say this is correct?


Mostly correct.

It is an ongoing learning process within and among. I interpret what

certain mysteries mean to me and carve out my own path.


How has the thematic trajectory of your music changed, if at all,

since Uthuling Hyl? Has your focus shifted in the specific aspects of

Germanic spirituality you explore through Osi and the Jupiter’s music?


The two albums were more cryptic and deep inner workings. All my

albums have a spiritual presence with me. OATJ is a folk / neofolk

act. I am a singer-songwriter that builds my own myth and folklore

through song influenced by nature.


Your sound, while comparable to some of your contemporaries

making similar neofolk music, is quite unique. What are some of the

influences that have helped to shape the sound of Osi and the Juipter over the years?


So being a person born in 82’, I grew up on new wave, old country.

In the 90’ I got into a lot of metal. I’d say OATJ’s musical

influences are mainly Einar Selvik, Townes van Zandt, Ulver, and Goblin,

but there are a lot more that help inspire as well.


In the description of your 2020 release ‘Appalachia’ on Bandcamp,

you state that the release was “dedicated to my homeland and the

spiritual connection to the dense forested mountains.”

In what ways do you see Appalachia as resonating with your already established sound?


First album “Halls of the Wolf “ is a straight acoustic folk album with

a few weird songs thrown in. Then “UH” and “NR” were concept

spiritual albums. What is after will be a collaboration of all.

I play folk music, and sing/play/write about my spiritual path.

Appalachia, these hills, have a mythical and old calling to them.

I have family in PA, as well as Tennessee, and I’ve grown up about an hour from

the WV border.


With music so heavily embedded in folk and myth, it seems natural

that you record using mainly traditional instruments, if we were to

exclude more commonly used instruments, what would you say is

your favoured instrument of choice?  


Acoustic guitar, my Taylor 324.

I’d love to get a Martin D-35.


What first piqued your interest in Germanic spirituality? Is there a

particular god or particular gods that you find yourself coming back

to channel through Osi and the Jupiter?


My grandfather would read me old Scandinavian and German stories

when I was a child, I believe that’s what first sparked my interest.

There are not one particular god I find myself coming back to all the

time, the embodiment of cosmic void I guess I’d say. Different times

I feel connection to different deities. Right now Frey has been on

my mind.


Thank you Sean, the final words are yours.


Best of health, and may nature guide you.

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