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Heeding the Call

I live in a fantasy world, tucked away on the East Coast of Canada, somewhere between Hyperborea and the entrance to Agartha. This week I built a house for the Forest Fairies, providing them a safe place to stop in on their journey to the Antarctic Entrance as they bring gifts for the children in the community. It wasn’t always this way.

Approximately a year and a half ago, I lived in a city. I was working in a factory while doing an electrician program in college. I had plans of becoming self-employed afterwards. Working for someone else isn’t my thing; I don’t like being told what to do for the most part, because that’s for low-test dorks.

During the summer of 2019, a good friend of mine who lived in Nova Scotia invited me out to visit. Through him I met a fellow homeschooled wizard. He ran a construction company and offered to teach me heritage carpentry if I moved there. I packed what I could fit in a two-door 90’s Civic, and moved immediately. I had goals of learning how to work for myself, living a rural lifestyle, and to one day fulfill my dreams of living in the woods with no neighbours in sight, tanning my balls, and smoking a pipe on the porch blasting power metal. 

I’m now in the process of timber framing a Gothic Wizard’s keep in the woods for myself while living in an off-grid bus with my dog. It’s been a daunting task to live in a bus with no insulation or utilities while conjuring a house late into the year. I have no running water. It is very cold. My genitals are heavy. This has been as uncomfortable as the time I branded my arm with a hot knife, only this has lasted for months instead of seconds. I know that in a year, this is just another story to tell people so they can look at me like I’m crazy.

Initially, I was going to write about how to start building a home, but I think that’s better suited for a later article. For now, there’s a bigger problem to tackle before the building process begins. The issue I’m seeing with like-minded folks these days is that they all want to move to a rural setting, rejecting the modern world and returning to tradition. There’s a lot of talk about it and not a lot of action. It doesn’t take much effort to find countless pages on Instagram and Facebook of faceless men sharing memes about living in the woods as barbarians and eventually revealing they live in a city with a cozy job. Most people that I’ve spoken with are unsure of where to start, they don’t know how to take the step out of safety into the unknown. What needs to be understood is that it is not something that can be taught. You must learn by doing. Having the courage to venture into the unknown with no safety net is the only requirement. Adopt a mindset that it’s your choice whether things work out or not — because it is. The world consistently proves that if you show up to the work with the right intentions and an open heart, that it’ll result in progress. I’m pretty certain this is magic.

As all adventures go, if you align yourself properly with the world and you are on the path that you know you should be, supernatural aid will come in some form — if you believe. In my case, it’s in the form of mentors, friends, wise wizards and black sorceresses. All of my successes in anything I’ve pursued have not fully been my own. I choose to only surround myself with people of positive influence, who I can learn from and who hold me accountable to who I say I am. This, combined with my testicular fortitude to take risks and willingness to show up for the work is the reason for my successes. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge that is continuously being passed down to me. One day I hope to have the capacity to be in a similar position of mentorship.

We become who we surround ourselves with. This is the most important aspect of community based, based living. Everyone needs a self-improvement mindset, an indomitable work ethic, and to actually be fun to work with. If this is who you are, you will naturally attract people like you if you put in the effort. You must wake up with a toxically positive attitude of Asgardick kápros might thrusting into a day of maximum productivity. If you want to begin this journey, then it’s imperative to set aside the dweeby outlooks permeating this internet sphere. Nihilistic, misanthropic nonsense must be set aside to bring this ancient future back. From Odin to Christ, our ancestors recognized the importance of self sacrifice for something greater than themselves. The inevitable hedonism brought on by destroying all positive higher aims with weak worldviews will not be an asset to tending the garden, feeding the animals and breeding an army. Uplifting chaos as something worthy shows a lack of taking responsibility and an inability to establish order. 

I had zero practical lifestyle experience for living a life like this till I moved into it. I’ve learned a lot, but I’m still a budding wizard’s apprentice in all aspects of living a rural lifestyle. But if I can do it, anyone can if they choose to put themselves in a position to learn. It’s simple but the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.

If this is the lifestyle you want, if you want to be a man and not a meme, to rebuild a culture and community worthy of respect, take the first step. Things will fall into place if you believe in yourself and your quest. Everything will be more challenging than anything you’ve experienced so far but the rewards will be more than the Dragon’s hoard you imagined. So go forthrightly into the world. Stop stalling, time is limited; there is no ideal moment except now. Our ancestors are watching.

My name is Winston. You can follow my journey to Agartha on Instagram @boar_94. Message me if you want to work.

55 thoughts on “Heeding the Call

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