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Incarnating Gods

The much spoken of Golden Age, Satya Yuga, Lemuria, or Eden is the state of ancient Man in which his actions are instinctive and automatic but not mechanical. They “knew and were” those luminiferous Titans of bygone eras, those beings not bound and limited by Time or the curse of Man’s modern self-awareness. We must think of D.H. Lawrence’s “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

The keys to Atlantis, to Agartha, to the Warm Oasis, to travelling back – against time – is such: “set thy heart upon thy work, but never on its reward. Work not for a reward; but never cease to do thy work”. To act in accordance with the shape of one’s nature. To draw from the surrounding earth all requirements in the immediate and eternal “Now”.

The occult, religious, esoteric, and otherwise fanatical schools of thought, temples, and philosophies are rife with countless restrictive dogma which serve to alienate and differentiate by means non-conducive to the health of the physical body; we recognize that while there are undoubtedly other bodies and other planes for the Seeker, the physical body is still of substantial importance (why else would We, He, She, or They incarnate here otherwise?) and must be well nourished, trained, sculpted, taught, and honed. Perfected.

It is known by certain schools of thought that a “new” or different soul, angel comes to incarnate within a physical body every 7 years. This body will be chosen, again, by how well it suits the needs of the entity that comes down to incarnate here. If we harbour beliefs that an immortal and eternal soul, angel, archetype, or Vira comes down,  into a physical form to experience this life here, then we naturally conclude that they must select a body most befitting to their tasks set to accomplish by the thread of destiny of which they – and by extension we – are acutely aware.

We seek to offer perfection. We offer to the Gods who watch from above, from without, from “over there” – as if on the edge of a fountain – a perfect, supple, lean, mighty physical body. Because we understand the importance of this. We understand the undeniable, flawless, perfect natural beauty that arises from the murky quagmire of modern humanity when the laws of nature are again met and the necessities of these biological bodies that are a part of our greater selves are met; when We embrace the power of our physical bodies not for the desires of vanity, but out of a knowing and a will to create the Superman.

We do not care for the “latest study” and it’s supposed findings. There is no need to waste time and effort scouring the depths of the internet for articles claiming this or that benefit or detriment that an isolated compound, enzyme, or nutrient had on a collection of microbes on an agar dish or cells in a test tube. It is the most powerful affirmation to our understanding of nutrition and the sculpting of the body to look to actual, whole human beings living in accordance with their beliefs on how a human must or should live. The effects of their lifestyle and dietary choices will make abundantly clear whether such eating and performance habits lead him towards the slobbish and unfit body of modern metropolitan human as he descends ever downward, farther from his golden ancestry; or towards the bronzed, lean, strong, and sculpted body the Gods wrote into his very being for him to achieve.

Will the person who reads these words be ready to offer to the Gods a fleshy vehicle that is unsuited to their needs? Will the body they inhabit be unable to perform tasks, deeds of strength and overcoming? We ask which God wishes to come down, sacrificing His immortality to rot away in a flabby, weak, slow, disgusting physical body, poisoned by the modern world, starved of the needs this body pronounces in no ambiguous terms that it requires – if only we can interpret the cries. Denied the physical trials that are not available to the immortal Gods, that wilful suffering and sculpting of the self, the Gods will simply select a more suitable body into which to descend and bless by awakening new centres of awareness in that elect.

Like the sculptures of Breker hidden within marble, like the God within the Exernsteine, like the countless Giants and Titans sleeping within the high snowy peaks the world over, the flawless shape of Man hides away beneath the weakness of his own domesticated modern self. It needs only be extracted, and once we are aware of what our bodies are capable, we are pulled irresistibly towards any and all paths and possibilities to excavate this. It is instinctual and impulsive. Deep within our being, We understand that Man is something that shall be overcome. But we also understand that a foundation is required. We understand that perfection is achieved from the bottom (where we are currently stuck) upwards, back towards the Mount of Congregation in the sides of the North, neither by ship nor by foot to be found, up the Spinal Column, ascending always.

Our modern, physical world is the bottom rung. It is the first step towards reclaiming Paradise. If our physical bodies are not first perfected, how have We shown the Gods that we are deserving to be given the raw marble of our higher Bodies with which to sculpt? Does the sickness-riddled, flabby, blotchy, pale recluse deserve the higher existences and realms when he has not embraced and loved all the possibilities of this world first? When he has not exhausted the possibilities of this physical body? When he has not shown he is willing to push to the absolute limits this sacred physical body – an iteration or tool the Gods have left us – to the absolute limits and beyond? To cry to the skies: “MORE!” Knowing that We will always make the most of the gifts given us, the Gods smile, and become tempted themselves to allow us that sacred “more”.

The Gods themselves are not bound by time, not limited by our perception of its passage. In the Golden Age they would come down, or in, and return. They interacted with our luminous ancestors in our remotest history. They could “visit” within what is a moment for them, what is millenia for us, countless worlds, bringing gifts and tidings from Above or without, which was also here, what is now beneath, or within, hidden.

But our worlds are not immortal and eternal, and are subject to involution and decay. The Gods, again not being limited by what we perceive as Time could see this. They knew their children would fall, would descend and forget their illustrious origins. They could see up to a certain point of our era, but they can no longer see us. The modern age is enshrouded by a dense fog. A choking, obscuring cloud  into which they cannot peer, and do not often deign submerge themselves into. We are no longer visited by the Gods at ease.

But they have not left us without hope. Knowing this involution would take place, the Gods hid within humanity the keys, tools, or weapons to our own redemption and return to their rightful kingdoms. Torches to light, to send a beacon across all of existence, time, and space, back to them, to be as that which is underneath the dark waters with all Lights Blazing. What they have given us is within ourselves. But they are not expressed without effort, without displaying that one is willing to alter their environment, willing to subject themselves to discomfort, willing to sculpt oneself, willing to suffer as the Gods do for having watched us be lost. 

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