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SCMM III: Court of the Solar King

The inner you is a gnarled figure. He has seen much darkness, and he wears the armor and scars to prove his descent into the darkest areas of your mind and world. 

He is :The Wolfhead King: and he seeks the highest light. 

He searches for the true god. He searches for the :The Solar King: 

He chases him round and round the mortal coil (axis mundi).

In-turn, he often feels like he runs from this figure. For what man can say he has only ever stuck to the path of light?

 We all run, sometime or another. For this is the way of all. We share the memoriam sanguinis of Aragorn.

The good news is that the simple act of fleeing is enough for the inner you to rouse a slumbering conscience. It is not too far-fetched to claim that a character such as Jiminy Cricket can be seen as ‘the guide’ archetype manifest. The wizard, the elder, whatever you like really.

For many of these archetypes that call to us have similar goals and boons to attain from coaxing us into certain paths of thought and memory. It is fallacy to believe them to be one in the same.

It is also important to note the clever trick of Disney to manifest his guide archetype into the form of a bug. For whose conscience does not ‘bug’ them? 

When you run from fate, you understand this is wrong. 

These guide archetypes call for you, and care for you deeper than you know.

Keep them in your court, and treat them well. But also understand that these figures are not always of the same mind.

I speak now of those closest to your ear as you sit upon your sullen throne. To your left stands :THE CHIEFTAIN: and to your right :THE WANDERER: 

For out of all the various emissaries of :Ansuz: these two stand to be the most powerful and effective when your goal is to obtain order and higher-self magic.

It is folly to assume all your archetypes are one and unified in their causes. Though these archetypes stand for similar points in their advice and council, they are themselves opposed, and at odds more often than not. 

Both of these archetypes have your closest seat. They are often the first you meet along your journey or path to kingship. Their goals are the same, to aid you and show you the path towards your fate. 

Yet their means of bringing you there are nothing alike, and in ways are quite opposite.


This archetype should be seen as a seasoned governor. He is familiar with all avenues of leadership, and has pledged to aid you through the art of justice and reason. He does not care to leave anything to fate, and his belief in cultural magic is seen as yet another tool towards garnering favor, and maintaining power. I speak of Earl Haraldson, Rogal Dorn, Roose Bolton, Marc Antony.


This archetype stands for unrelenting fate and unseen magic. He is furtive, and deals in riddles. He is not afraid to toss you into the storm, and his reasoning to do so will never come from his own mouth, but discovered by you after the trial is completed. I speak of Merlin, Gandalf, Odin, Kaepora Gaebora.

These archetypes have guided heroes near and far, and through history, and myth. They are timeless, and they are separate entities that, quite often, are at odds with one another. But as any story will show you (where they are both present) there is an understanding that they are two arms of the same mechanism.

The hero will need them both in order for his teaching to be entirely complete, and for his rule to be truly just.

One must prove to be the axis in which these two wisdom feeders generate their magic. They spin round and round upon the hero’s soul.

More soon. 

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