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The Blade of Order

In opposition of the unbridled chaos of the flail, the tempered blade of order stands gleaming

I’ve previously delved into the all too often dismissed force that is chaos and its place in the natural cycle. Its role in the balance between order and disorder. In my last piece, I talked about the flail and its absurd potential for destruction. I also discussed how to utilize it’s chaotic and destructive potential. To direct that potential, and use it to further your own self in a positive, uplifting sense. I’m now choosing to shift the focus into the Apollonian side, and delve into the force of order, it’s relation to chaos, and it’s role along the Halithazian path.

As chaos is the flail, order is the sword. The fusion of order and disorder is the hero seed. 

If chaos is the force which shakes the foundation of everything in our world view, order is the binding force which draws it back together. The storm will not rage forever, eventually the beaming rays of the sun will pierce the black clouds above. The winds are dispelled and warmth, balance and control once again returns to the realm. 

Order within our minds manifests as discipline, control, calculation and execution. We cannot allow the forces of chaos to completely overpower our will for improvement and mastery, and so order comes in as a staunch reminder of our endless journey upward. The sword is the perfect symbol for this from it’s very nature and design. A shining, well crafted blade of steel, pointed skywards in a symbol of masculine potential. A deadly omen of the disciplined hero. 

One does not have to look far to see the use of the sword as a symbol of the hero archetype within the realms of history, fantasy and myth. The sword Gram, which Sigurd used to slay the dragon, Fafnir. Andúril, the Flame of the West, wielded by Aragorn II, heir of Isildur. Or perhaps one of the most well known examples, Excalibur of Arthurian legend. Tales and stories of men of great fortitude carrying these great weapons against imposing odds. Using the blade they carry with them to dispel the forces of evil. Introducing order where chaos has run far too rampant is necessary. The slavering beast with smoke emanating from its nostrils stands above our gallant Knight. As such, so often the forces of chaos can seem equally imposing.

We must train to utilize the blade of order effectively, just as we do the flail. A well-tempered sword is a deadly enough instrument of its own to be sure, but made all the more imposing in the hands of a competent wielder. Introducing order and discipline into your life is the equivalent of arming yourself with your own Excalibur, your own Andúril. It is your steadfast will, weaponized into a thing of regality and excellence. 

You possess the ability in everything you do. This is your time spent training your body in whatever way possible. The effort you put into eating REAL food that’s going to make that training worthwhile. The opening and sharpening of your mind through reading and meditation. These are not dissimilar from the master bladesmith, toiling away in his forge to craft the perfect blade. Just as his quest for the perfect steel is never ending, so is yours toward the perfect version of yourself. This is what keeps you going. 

Chaos is a part of life. It can be truly tempting and truly destructive. It’s only natural for all of us to revel in it’s erotic embrace from time to time, but never let it consume you. Keep a level head of discipline even where it seems there is none. As fun as the flail may be to swing, never forget that the steel by your side is the backbone. It’s the ultimate tool you have for keeping chaos in balance, for smiting the demons ahead. It’s your own personal ascension. 

Who is the man who wields both the Blade of Order and the Flail of Chaos?

A Barbaric Aristocrat? A well-off gentleman leaving his study to go clobber his friends bare knuckled in the cellar?

A Drunken Templar? A trained swordsman of the cross, struggling to undo his piss soaked britches during a night of debaucherous indulgence?

An Apollonian Madman? The musclebound lunatic who drops his rusty barbell onto green grass, freshly cracked White Claw pouring down his stark naked husk?

He could be all of these things, or none of them. It’s your steel, it’s your iron ball and chain. Understand both, and wield them as you will.

Keep your steel sharp, your blade hand swift, and may your target be smitten.

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