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Arrows and Thunder

Arrows of love and light pierce the obsidian Black. The Arrow of Eros soars into the hearts of men. The cracking of thunder gives them life.

The year continues to chug along. Now we find ourselves in hot, humid Canadian July. The solstice now past, we find ourselves in the embrace of sun and green. 

Are you ready for it? 

That may sound like a stupid question. Winters are long and frigid in these parts. Many of us have been pining for the golden rays the solstice gifts to us. 

Yeah sure, you may be ready for the soft glow of the long nights. Cool summer breeze at midnight around the fire. Imbibing and celebrating with your clan. But are you ready for what it can teach you? By the time the Equinox rolls around, what will have changed in your microcosm?

We still have a duty to ourselves. We are men of the hero’s path. Sharp minds, able bodies, spirits ever ascending towards the greater. We soak up the warmth which the coming months bring. We bloom as saplings from the seeds the spring planted. 

But what of Dionysian revelry? What of the seed fertilized by the inebriated soul. The Flail of Chaos is fun to swing. Swing it once and a while. Controlled indulgence is a magical spark which can lead us to a door we may otherwise be too afraid to open. 

Germinating seeds, fed by the warmth of liquid fire to blossom into a flower of the self.

Eros is alive at this time. The archer whose arrow inflicts the warmth of love, the fire of lust within us of mortal blood. He takes aim whether in the haze of indulgence or in the struggle of duty. You may meet him down either alley, but his strike is true and potent nonetheless. 

As a man, the feeling of love and infatuation is a storm of the self. A force of nature, within our heart and soul. Cracks of thunder erupt within our hearts, lightning illuminates our minds. 

As Eros is the herald of love and passion, Perkwunos is the primeval thunder. 

Perkwunos, known also as “Striker”: the god associated with thunder, rain, and lightning from Proto-Indo European mythos; the very root from which gods such as Thor, Perun, and Indra all likely stemmed from. For this very reason I choose striker to represent the ancient force of thunder that intertwines with Eros’ influence. 

With the heat of summer, storms follow. The great hammer of stone the Striker himself wields cracks open the sky with every sonorous thunderclap. Lightning splits the sky and the flooding rains begin to pour. We stand amidst these natural forces gifted to us. We cry out, we roar. We swing our self made Gadas around our heads with ferocity in ritual training to the might of the skies. 

Thunder in our hearts awakens the passion within our spirit. 


Eros sharpens his projectiles and readies his bow, as storm clouds spend all they have brought. The great stone hammer sends tremors throughout our world. A sonic wave to rattle the senses, to bolster our aura. 


That passion we feel within ourselves. Whether walking through dusk lit woods with the one you love. Whether holding them in your embrace into the long nights. The flames of passion sparking within you both as your magick intertwines. 

The passion we feel among brethren and kin. Reveling in celebration with those close to you, singing into the hours of the night. The moment where time in your world stands still. 

Or something different entirely. Love and passion takes on many forms. Whatever the form, if you feel it, Eros hit his mark.  

Now what can any of this teach you? 

The thunder of the season exists within the hearts of men and women alike. As does the warmth of love and the comfort of comradery. I implore you, noble readers, to listen to them when they strike you. 

It may be the simple desire to reach your arms to the sky. Throwing your head back to the pouring rain, and roaring in celebration of life. 

You may meet someone who lights a spark within you. This spark may become a flame, and morph into a blaze. Someone who makes your heart pound like the drums in the sky.  

I know I have. The flames lit long ago, the storm clouds are building. The torch is lit, and I intend to stoke those flames further before this summer ends. 

You see that girl giving you that look over there, man? Go talk to her. She may be by your side by the time of the Winter solstice, and even the years beyond. 

Remind your closest of mates that you love them to death. Partake in celebration with them. Whether lakeside, fireside or somewhere in between. Enjoy inebriated meditations upon life and love within the solar embrace the solstice gave you. 

The hammer will fall, the blow string will flutter. Embrace the thunder within your hearts, my friends. Revel in love and passion that follows. Dance in the rain, love in the sun. Your love and passion are your arrow; the might of your heart’s thunder draws the bow. 

We’ve a beautiful season ahead of us folks. I stand alongside you, beer in hand, Bolts of power and passion within my chest. The season is short; there is much to do before the equinox arrives… 

…And I look forward to your tales. 

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