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Holy Movement

Listen along to this article with additional commentary by author Eofor Isenforged

I’ve been active for most of my life. 

There were very few sports or activities that I felt the need to abstain from as a kid. I was encouraged to try most activities by my family and friends, and feel much stronger for it.

Even if you don’t perceive an interest in a particular activity, there is nearly always a good reason to pursue it. 

Whether that be to conquer a fear of its physical nature, its ability to make your faults glaringly obvious, or for the simple act of making you more of a team player compared to the activities you normally partake and excel within. 

I was raised on the principle that strong and healthy competition is something that brings two entities closer through a mutual struggle for victory. 

I look back to tales of the soldiers of the great war who found it in themselves to go over the top and play a game of football with those they were being paid to dispatch. 

I look to the ancient Olympic Athletes that traveled from their various city states to find common ground with other like minded people from far over the horizon of the city they called home. 

These examples have something in common, and that is the spiritual aspects that lead to their happenings. 

The Christmas truce -much like the Olympic games- was rooted in a spiritual comradery that is not as bright in the world today. 

The entire event of the Olympics was reignited by the auspicious nature of 17th century males who willed the reignition of that ancient and esoteric event of holy movement. 

This is not something unfamiliar to most cultures around the world. 

From Island nations to German Empires, we find an unspoken connection between the physical and spiritual within sports. 

Not washing your jersey before a game is overt sympathetic magic. 

Yet for all the little rituals we might perform before we watch a game on the telly, and for all the little things athletes might do in their preparation for a big game, there is something amiss.

Our world is very much centered around the ‘North American Way’, and this is to be expected as America is the closest thing we have to an Empire in the modern world. 

Yet with it comes their peoples mentality, and their fixation on victory. 

Victory is sweet, and should be desired by all Men. But for it to be the only goal is an obsession, and demonstrates the lack of spirit within sports today. 

The strive of men long gone wasn’t to be better than other men, but to be fantastic in their field; godlike.

Do you understand the difference?

Their goals were higher. 

Once stood men whose aim was to become God-like among fellow Athletes. Not the only God, but a pantheon of demi-gods in the centre of the highest human stadium. 

Hercules was said to have coined this term in honor of participants who showed true power in those ancient games.

Though respect remains in modern sports, it doesn’t take a keen eye to see that media and man alike push for victory without its spirit.

Now I’m not here to say that I’m advocating for ‘participation medals’, in fact quite the opposite.

There is a distinct polarization of people who participate in the realm of physical activity within our contemporary world. This is further pushed by the media engines that drive all narrative across the most popular of communication systems.

There are those who gun for nothing but victory, and forget the true essence of growing and struggling together (perhaps even the true essence of victory). And they are in total opposition to a group that wants no winners, and for everyone to feel good about themselves.

If an athlete is neck and neck with an adversary, this is truy growth and power. I look to ufc fighters who might hug after they have made each other bleed minute after minute. Or soccer players that speak well of one another after a game is finished.

To say it is gone is to ignore good sportsmanship, which I am not here to do. But it is very clear that this nature has taken a back seat, and is more of a tradition than an actual aspect of these holy movements.

Yet as is the nature of the Halithaz, we are not here to point at faults and doom it to the abyss. We are here to acknowledge, understand, and reapply a new method (:THE NEW WAY:).

If we all agree that this is not the true nature of sports, and that victory is hollow without the love for our fellow participants then we must simply reform new circles of individuals who long for this flame to become bright once more.

The black pill is foul and useless.

I suggest you and your closest to connect through events, and games of your own planning.

Box powerful men, and learn your trophy to be your bruises.

Race powerful lungs of flame, and see your own turn hotter by the minute.

:JUPITER PRIMUS: is the code of these men. We recognize great souls, great spirit, and great games under this label.

Do not fear the doom, but embrace the change.

You were born for this. 

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