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How Do I Join A Tribe?

Listen along to this article with additional commentary by author Ioan Eofor

I’m going to go on record here and say that one of the most common questions I get on a weekly basis usually involves someone seeking advice in finding or building a tribe. 

This is a question I’m never unhappy to receive. It brings me and my colleagues great joy to hear of new inspiration, burning passion, and individuals seeking a greater purpose beyond the hypnotic :I: of today. 

Tribe is a powerful word, and stands for something far beyond its dictionary definition. The spectrum of this word is vast, and goes beyond many different collectives, ideas, customs, and most importantly people. 

The individuals who make up that organization are the living embodiment of the word tribe. They give it power through pooling their own various skills, quirks, powers, and principles. 

Tribe is one of those words like weight to me. Well, weight sounds pretty heavy, but what are we talking about? 1lb? 10lbs? 1200lbs? 

Because, like weight, the power of your tribe is not up for debate. You can feel it in the collective ideas of your gang if it’s a group of posers, you’re going to be entirely devoid of energy and ability.

Alternatively if you feel like your creativity is sparking beyond what you ever thought you were capable of, then your tribe clearly has some weight to it. 

A tribe should function like a beast in its prime. Not an animal of this world, but a creature of myth. Faster than all, stronger than all, imposing, mysterious, nature incarnate. 

Now imagine if that beast had a bum leg. 

If the heart pumps as strongly as ever.

If its roar can be heard from all corners of its realm. 

Its hunger still surges through every fiber of its being. 

What do you think will be blamed for it not functioning at top performance?

Those who run with the wolves should be wolves, and if they are not?

You don’t know shame like that. And you don’t want to.

There is nothing more crucial to the tribe than all of its entities resembling that of the characters from holy texts. Only then will this pantheon be remembered. Only then will that mighty tribe conquer all. 

If you are the reason that the tribe cannot do so, then you will be lower than all in the eyes of your so-called brethren, your so-called creed. 

Before you worry about aligning with a power such as a tribe, be sure you are capable to wield it and be of use to it. 

Oftentimes you find many men seeking a tribe for its protection and (dare I say it?) – It’s a safe space. 

There is no room for this type of creature.

The one who will post picture after picture of himself in the patches, in the sacred spaces, lighting up his various platforms with elusive words and pictures surrounding the organization.

Paper thin.

As soon as shit gets hard for those people, you can bet your ass he’s out of there.

See the true test, and the true difference between friends, and brothers is the simple question of can you see this guy dying for you? Could you see him go to jail with you? Can you see him standing by you and what you said when everyone is telling him he was wrong to say something?

There is very little more daunting in our day and age than social pressure. It’s a truly Foucaultian nightmare out there, and the panopticon is stronger than ever.  You need people who will stick by you no matter what.

And I don’t care how strong you are, you aren’t going to do that unless you know that no matter who said it in your group, you all know it to be true.

See, honest and noble men will stand by their beliefs – no matter what’s going on around them.

If you are making it up, and you are only pretending to get the message, then you’re not going to be of much help when shit hits the fan for that collective. 

In order to find the right people, you need to be the right force. 

The rest comes naturally, and shouldn’t even concern you until you understand how important you being the best possible you is for an organization that wants to take on the world, and show the youth that there is more than the horseshit you find outside or online today.

So, before you ask anyone for advice on finding a tribe, or how to join someone else’s, think about how truly ready you think you are for a commitment like that.

Nobody likes a quitter. 

And I’m sure as fuck that nobody likes a poser. 

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