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The Hero Light

The Irish knew of a warrior hero whose name was Cú Chulainn. 

It is stated in many works that this demigod often fought so ferociously that he became nothing more than a hurricane of arms and weaponry. 

This frenzied state earned him the name of Cú, meaning ‘hound’, of Culann. To fight like an animal and to become ferociously intoxicated. To the people of the British Isles, and the annals of where myth and history meld, this man had elevated himself to the house of the immortals.

This is the alchemical transmutation from human to demigod. 

It was said that a ring of light could be seen around his head as he fought so bravely and ferociously. This was known as a ‘lon laith’ to archaic scholars, and a halo to us of modern times. 

Not unlike this halo is the prabhamandala or Siras-cakra that resonated from the highest of the Hindu/Vedic traditions. 

As we are all aware, most saints to the Christian myths, including Christ himself, were adorned with such a crown of light by keeping their utmost values, and resonating such a powerful aura that they were able to resonate its light and beauty within the material realm. 

Standing Buddha with a halo, 1st–2nd century AD (or earlier), Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara.

HERO LUX (literally hero light) is the first song off the new Unbowed record for a reason. 

The entire album is a grand tapestry that we have been weaving together for the last five years. 

Music is arguably the most powerful medium. Growing up, the one thing that truly filled me with power and courage was the bombastic spells created by black metal, pagan metal, what have you. 

It is stifling to see grand ideas thrown at the wayside by modern academia due to the content having not undergone a ruinous path of deconstruction within the echo chambers of modern psychology departments. 

I argue that the human soul is a crucial part to our wellbeing as organisms. If we are to truly survive the endless onslaught of decay, nihilism, and mass coercion, we have no hope at all without a strong soul to guide us through the journey. 

It is for this reason that me and my guys took the time to create a concept album that is truly brimming with meaning, to the point where it could almost shed its own halo onto the world. 

The album will consist of ten songs that each encapsulate a very specific part of the soul. All of this will be based on the runic soul map that was ushered in by a Jungian philosophical perspective on the Germanic traditions.

Demonstrated here: 

The ten segments of the soul stand for the following crucial aspects of a person’s wellbeing on a spiritual level:

  1. :Hamingja: – Personal Power 
  2. :Lich: – Interaction between mind and body 
  3. :Hyde: – Shapeshifting/ body morphing ability 
  4. :Hidge: – introspective analysis/ intellect/ knowledge 
  5. :Myne: – Memories/ ancestral bonds and patterns of hereditary thought 
  6. :Athem: – The breath of life/ center of soul/ the mortal fire
  7. :Wode: –  ones inspiration/ muse/ source of creativity and thought 
  8. :Fetch: – Ones Spirit animal, or bestial composition of self 
  9. :Shade: Shadow Self/ Soul
  10.  :Soul:  The composition of one’s entire and cumulative life song

Each of these ten aspects have been attested and bound to a single rune from the elder futhark. The first song ‘Hero Lux’ is bound to the powers of Algiz, whose poem reads: 

sec[g e]ard hæfþ oftust on fenne

ƿexeð on ƿature, ƿundaþ grimme

blode breneð beorna gehƿylcne

ðe him ænigne onfeng gedeþ.

This poem speaks of one’s Fetch. One’s Fetch resides in the innermost sanctum. It guards the knowledge you do not yet hope to possess. 

‘Waxing within the water. Wounding all grimly who dare grasp at the blood that runs deep.’

If one is to possess the knowledge of their ancestral line, they must yet weather the storms and trials of adventure within the waking world, only then will they find the true meaning of life, and the wisdom that has been left for you to uncover within and therefore without. 

 ‘Forebears of the swarth, send these thoughts streaming forth. 

I am the spear that guides the way. 

The edge of :GAR: (spear) that does not sway.’

We live for only a short time on this earth. As we breathe and grow, we carry with us the banner of all of those who came before. We are the very tip of the spear that has been honed for Aeons for you to live and do your part. They are with us always and send us the powers accumulated over time immemorial. It is up to us all, here and now to resonate our hero light, and bring forth their dreams into the waking world. 

Our new full-length album “Colour the Soul”  will be available everywhere May 20th 2022!

Pre-Orders available on Bandcamp.

Watch the new video:

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