Ioan Eofor

Ioan Eofor is a pursuer of the good work. While a co-founder of, he means to bring new life to the word. 

“To be a hero in this age is to pursue, and share. To walk within the fire and bring back coals for others to bare and brave.”

Ioan is a restless creator of art and music, with projects such as Unbowed, Soldier-Tower, and Earl Mountain, he balances studio projects as well as touring groups. While the founder of Isenforged Fitness and Blood of Brokkr, he manages the personal fitness goals of several clients around the world. Ioan is also the creator and host the Heroic Transmissions Podcast.

As a writer and founding member of the Oathbloods tribe, he aims to honour the past while ushering in a myth for the children of tomorrow; through actions as well as words.

Follow Ioan @eofor.isenforged and his projects @isenforgedfitness, @bloodofbrokkr_ironworks, and  @unbowedofficial on Instagram, or contact him directly at