John Rauðúlfr

John Rauðúlfr is a writer, musician, content creator, and co-founder of

John was born in the bitter tundras of Manitoba, soon to be relocating across Canada to Ontario. John writes on spirituality, health and fitness, tribalism, and a myriad of other topics related to the Halithazian ideal. He contributes written word, music as well as multimedia projects for

When not creating for Halithaz, John is the founder and owner of Redwolf Lutherie, his own self-run business creating traditional stringed instruments from various European cultures. 

His other passions include weight training, spending time connecting with nature, and contributing to and growing with his tribe, the Oathbloods. 

Follow John, @rauthulfr and his business, @redwolflutherie on Instagram, or contact him directly at