Kyle Brickell

Born and raised among the mountains and coastlines of British Columbia, Kyle Brickell is an avid advocate of vertical thought both towards the physical peaks of the Cascade mountain range among which he lives and climbs, as well as in the spiritual pursuits of mankind. Having travelled eastward around the northern hemisphere from the shores of the northern Atlantic in Iceland, across the Siberian and Mongolian steppe through the Gobi and southwards through China into the Himalayas and the headwaters of the Ganges, Kyle has felt the journey to the forgotten homeland and will forever seek to articulate the stirring in his blood.

Having discovered avenues of physical fitness in his late teens, no amount of growth has ever satisfied him fully and he continually pines for loftier goals, ever striving for the unattainable archetype. The holistic pursuits of fitness invariably lead him to train his body, mind, and soul through new methods and constant self-experimentation under new stimuli.

Kyle recently rediscovered his love for music through connecting with co-Halithaz creators Ioan and Zack under the banner of Anahata.

Work for him has been all manner of trade-work for 12 years running, from concrete foundations and rough framing up to fine tile work.

He lived for a year in northern Germany on the shores of the Baltic in Kiel near the Danish border and has explored Germany extensively. While not practiced nearly enough from lack of immersion, he is still comfortable conversing in German and has held contacts in Germany through the years since.

As a new father, Kyle seeks to live his life in the blinding golden rays of Solar Idealism and masculinity as an inspiration for his daughter, wife, and friends.

Follow Kyle through his Instagram @solarus_cascadia and keep tabs on musical endeavours via @sol_anahata. He can be contacted directly via Instagram DMs or for more in depth matters at or via